10 Best Dark Mode Extensions for Google Chrome

Best dark mode extensions for Google Chrome: Browsing with bright, white webpages can be harsh on the eyes, especially at night.

Enter dark mode – a stylish way to transform websites using darker color palettes that are easier on your eyes.

While some sites have built-in dark mode options, most don’t. Fortunately, Google Chrome extensions provide an easy way to manually enable dark mode on any webpage.

We’ve rounded up the top 10 dark mode extensions that will let you enjoy seamless, soothing dark mode browsing across the internet.

Read on for details on how these handy add-ons deliver dimmed interfaces, darker images, and an overall enhanced viewing experience.

Take your Chrome tab into the shadows with these must-have extensions!

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10 Best Dark Mode Extensions for Google Chrome

Dark Mode Extensions for Google Chrome

Here are the best dark mode extensions for Google Chrome:

1. Dark Reader – Best Overall Dark Mode Extension

With over 3 million users, Dark Reader is one of the most popular and fully-featured dark mode extensions available.

It inverts bright webpages to dark color schemes using a smart algorithm to provide ideal contrast and readability.

Settings allow extensive customization of brightness, contrast, filters, and more. The extension even works seamlessly across multiple monitors.

For an effortlessly immersive dark mode browsing experience, Dark Reader is hard to beat.

2. Midnight Lizard – Most Configurable Interface

The highly adaptable Midnight Lizard extension lets you personalize dark mode to suit your exact preferences.

Choose from preset color filters or create a custom one. Set automatic dark mode triggers like time of day or light sensor data.

Configure brightness, contrast, grayscale, sepia tone, and other settings. Midnight Lizard offers the most robust dark mode customization options.

3. Dark Background and Light Text – Best for Minimalists

For those seeking a simple dark mode solution, check out this aptly named extension. With a single click, it inverts bright webpages to a clean dark background and white text.

The minimal interface has no confusing menus or settings to deal with. An optional auto-activate mode turns on dark backgrounds at sunset for effortless night browsing.

4. Eclipse – Top Rated Dark Theme

Boasting over 1 million active installs and a stellar rating, Eclipse is a longtime favorite Chrome dark mode extension. It features three carefully designed color palettes for low-light viewing.

The smart inversion engine optimizes contrast while preventing washed-out images. Configurable settings help reduce eye strain even further. Eclipse makes the switch to dark mode smooth and seamless.

5. Dark Mode – Best for OLED Screens

Users of screens with organic LED (OLED) technology can maximize energy savings and prevent burn-in with this appropriately named extension.

Activate Dark Mode with one click to transform all web pages to deep blacks. The extension darkens images while maintaining color vibrancy. Schedule automatic on and off times or activate based on ambient light levels.

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6. Dark Night Mode – Best for Automatic Dark Mode

Take the effort out of manually toggling dark mode with Dark Night Mode. This intelligent extension auto-activates after sunset and returns pages to normal mode at sunrise.

Location tracking ensures dark mode is timed perfectly to night hours wherever you are. Configure optional manual controls or keep the extension fully automated for fuss-free 24/7 dark mode.

7. Super Dark Mode – Darkest Inversion Option

For super-charged dark mode browsing, Super Dark Mode cranks up contrast and applies the deepest, most dramatic inversion effect.

Pages load with black backgrounds and stark white text – guaranteed to prevent eye strain in low light.

Users especially sensitive to bright light at night will appreciate the heavy-handed dark mode transformation.

8. Night Eye – Best Blue Light Filter

Night Eye combines dark mode dimming with a blue light filter for maximum eye protection in the evenings.

By tinting and darkening pages, it prevent exposure to sleep-disrupting blue wavelengths of light emitted by screens.

Choose from color temperature presets or manually adjust settings. Night Eye enables healthy evening computer use.

9. Deluminate – Best for Dimming Bright Elements

Some pages contain bright spots like headers or buttons that dark mode extensions can overlook.

Deluminate solves this issue using advanced color correction and grayscaling algorithms. The extension identifies and dims overly bright page elements while maintaining pleasing contrast.

For the most evenly subdued dark mode effect, Deluminate is the top choice.

10. Dark Mode for Chrome – The most User-Friendly

This appropriately named extension makes activating dark mode literally one click away. Just click the moon button on your browser bar whenever you want to instantly enable sitewide dark mode.

Pages seamlessly revert to normal mode when dark mode is deactivated. Straightforward automatic scheduling options are also available for night owls. This fuss-free extension couldn’t be easier to use.

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To Sum Up

Don’t strain your eyes by browsing overly bright web pages – go dark with these amazing Chrome extensions!

With options for every user ranging from minimalist to fully customizable, embracing dark mode is a breeze.

Dim interfaces, soothe your sight, and browse in comfort day or night with the help of these handy add-ons.

Give your eyes a break and turn any webpage to the dark side in just clicks. Your future late-night browsing sessions just got a lot easier on the eyes!


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