10 Best Chess Apps for Android

Chess remains one of the greatest strategy games ever created. Now you can enjoy chess anywhere by downloading some of the best chess apps on your Android device.

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With gorgeous 3D graphics, challenging AI opponents, tutorials, and online play, chess apps bring convenience and fun to the classic game.

These 10 top-rated Android apps offer an excellent chess experience right in your pocket.

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10 Best Chess Apps for Android

10 Best Chess Apps for Android

Here are some of the best chess apps for Android:

1. Chess Free

Chess Free provides beautiful 3D graphics and strong AI opponents in a completely free app. Play against a range of computer challengers from novice to grandmaster.

View the board from any angle and visually follow pieces as they move. Chess Free highlights valid moves and detects check/checkmate ending games appropriately.

Daily puzzles let you practice tactics and combinations. For more features like unlimited undo and board themes, upgrade to the premium version.

2. Chess

Preloaded on many Android devices, the Chess app from AI Factory Limited excels with gorgeous graphics and customizable AI.

Multiple 3D themes like wood, glass, and marble create stylish playing boards. Adjust your opponent’s difficulty from beginner to advanced levels.

You can even name the AI player. Chess detects check, checkmate, and stalemate automatically.

Daily puzzles, undo moves and move hints provide help. Chess offers a polished experience free of ads or distracting elements.

3. Lichess

Lichess provides a full-featured chess app linked to the highly popular online playing site. Play against the AI bot with adjustable difficulty levels.

Study your game history and statistics to improve. Do puzzle challenges and tactical training drills. But Lichess really shines by connecting you to the site’s huge community for online games.

Play real-time matches versus players worldwide. The clean intuitive interface makes playing online seamless. And it’s 100% free without ads or purchases.

4. Chess – Play & Learn

Chess Play & Learn combines gameplay against the computer with tutorials to improve your skills. The AI adjusts difficulty based on your skill level from beginner to expert.

As you play matches, the coach feature analyzes moves and provides advice to strengthen your game. Interactive lessons teach chess basics like how pieces move along with advanced strategies.

Puzzle challenges put new skills into practice. Chess Play & Learn is the perfect training tool and opponent in one.

5. DroidFish Chess

DroidFish Chess delivers strong chess AI with an open-source program. Challenge AI difficulty from beginner to grandmaster level.

Analysis tools score your position on the board and suggest the best moves. Enter positions manually or load files in PGN format.

Integrated chess engine Stockfish powers game analysis. DroidFish also supports chess variants like Chess960 and Crazyhouse.

With no ads or costs, this app focuses purely on chess play vs. AI and self-improvement.

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6. SparkChess

SparkChess enables quick games and customizations for casual play. Along with standard chess, try variants like Crazyhouse, King of the Hill, and Horde.

Adjust the AI skill level across 12 options and even handicap its pieces. Tweak rules like en passant capture, stalemate, and castling.

Choose alternate piece sets like animals or Easter themes. SparkChess provides a range of kid-friendly modes too. The simple interface minimizes distractions for a relaxing game experience.

7. SmallFish

SmallFish packs top-level play into a tiny 1MB+ app. State-of-the-art Stockfish AI powers 10 difficulty levels up to grandmaster.

Analyze your play with move evaluations, piece values, and board advantage percentages. Study openings with a library of common positions.

Connect to free online game servers for human opponents. Impressively, SmallFish still offers blindfold, analysis, and tutor modes in this miniature package.

The ad-free experience focuses purely on excellent gameplay vs. AI or people.

8. Shredder Chess

Bringing a trusted chess brand to Android, Shredder Chess boasts gorgeous 3D visuals and strong AI.

Classic and Rapid Time game modes let you play with or without clocks. Unrealistic visual effects like fire add eye candy but can be disabled.

Interactive tutorials explain everything from basic rules to openings and tactics. Puzzle challenges will sharpen your skills.

Multiplayer options include local pass-and-play or online through the Shredder website. One of the best free chess apps.

9. Chess Tactics Pro

Feeling rusty or inexperienced? Chess Tactics Pro focuses on teaching tactical skills through thousands of puzzles. Practice basic patterns like hanging pieces, deflection, backrank weakness, and forks.

Interactive lessons explain the core aim of each puzzle to build your knowledge. Complex puzzles combine multiple tactics for advanced challenges.

Track your progress with category completion percentages. No AI opponent here, purely 5,000+ puzzles to master chess tactics.

10. Google Play Games

Along with its own games, the Google Play Games app enables online chess play. Log in and you can instantly join live games against online opponents.

Queue up games then watch others in progress as you wait your turn. Climb the leaderboards in seasonal leagues.

While not a full-featured chess app on its own, Play Games delivers seamless matchmaking. Pair it with an AI app to get the best of single-player and online multiplayer chess.

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To Sum Up

Enjoy endless engaging matches with these chess apps. Playing against advanced AI will sharpen your tactics and strategy.

Interactive lessons build your chess knowledge from the basics to advanced levels. And online play options connect you with opponents across the globe.

Load these apps on your Android device to enjoy chess anytime, anywhere.


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