10 Best Cheap Smartwatches for Fitness Tracking in 2023

Best cheap smartwatches for fitness tracking: Fitness trackers and smartwatches are popular for monitoring physical activity and health.

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Leading brands like Apple and Samsung offer robust but pricey options. Luckily, affordable smartwatches still excel at fitness tracking without heavy investment.

Cheap smartwatches from brands like Xiaomi, Amazfit, and Honor provide core fitness and health tracking capabilities at a fraction of the cost.

For budget buyers focused on step counting, heart rate monitoring, and workout logging, inexpensive smartwatches do the job wonderfully.

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10 Best Cheap Smartwatches for Fitness Tracking

10 Best Cheap Smartwatches for Fitness Tracking in 2023

Here are the 10 best cheap smartwatches for fitness tracking under $150/£150:

1. Xiaomi Mi Band 7

Xiaomi’s Mi Band line dominates the budget smartwatch category. The Mi Band 7 costs around $60/£50 but includes amazing fitness tracking and modern features like a 1.62” always-on AMOLED display.

Health monitoring like heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep, stress, and women’s health tracking is comprehensive.

With 120+ sports modes and water resistance up to 50 meters, the Mi Band 7 is the top-budget fitness smartwatch.

2. Amazfit Bip 3

The Amazfit Bip 3 provides standout fitness tracking capabilities for only about $50/£50. Alongside activity monitoring, it can track VO2 max, PAI health score, heart health, stress, and sleep.

Built-in GPS enables tracking outdoor activities without a phone. With Alexa support, music controls, and a vibrant 1.69” color display, the Bip 3 punches well above its price.

3. Honor Band 6

Despite costing around $40/£35, the Honor Band 6 doesn’t skimp on health tracking. You get continuous SpO2, heart rate, sleep, stress monitoring, and women’s health features.

The large 1.47” AMOLED display shows your results and workout metrics clearly. With 14-day battery life and 5ATM water resistance, the Honor Band 6 delivers astounding value.

4. Amazfit Band 5

The Amazfit Band 5 provides complete fitness tracking fundamentals for only about $35/£30. Track steps, calories, sleep, heart rate, and blood oxygen easily. The built-in Alexa assistant enables hands-free commands.

The bright 1.1” screen and sleek interface make engaging with your health data a pleasure. Given its budget price, the Amazfit Band 5 packs impressive value.

5. Realme Band 2

Priced at around $30/£25, the Realme Band 2 makes fitness tracking extremely affordable. Along with step counting and sleep tracking, it monitors heart rate and blood oxygen saturation.

A large 1.4” touch display provides ample stats while still delivering around 12 days of battery life.

With 90 different sports modes, the Realme Band 2 covers all the fitness basics without frills.

6. Xiaomi Redmi Band Pro

The Redmi Band Pro costs around $40/£35 yet provides a bright 1.47” AMOLED display and comprehensive health monitoring, including heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep, stress, and women’s health tracking.

Built-in GPS lets you track outdoor workouts without carrying a phone. Extensive sports modes, 5ATM water resistance, and a two-week battery maximize capabilities for the price.

7. Huawei Band 6

Despite a minimal $40/£35 price tag, the Huawei Band 6 features a large 1.47” AMOLED display and continuous SpO2, sleep, heart rate, and stress tracking for comprehensive health insight.

The two-week battery life gets you through longer fitness challenges. With 96 workout modes and 50-meter water resistance, the Huawei Band 6 affords premium features.

8. Amazfit Band 5

The affordable Amazfit Band 5 provides all-around daily activity and health tracking in a compact, lightweight wristband. It monitors steps, calories, distance, heart health, sleep, and stress.

Women’s health tracking support further expands its capabilities. The bright 1.1” screen shows your fitness metrics and results with two weeks of power on a charge.

9. Realme Watch 2 Pro

Priced below $60/£50, the Realme Watch 2 Pro includes a high-resolution 1.75” LCD touchscreen, GPS for outdoor tracking, continuous heart rate monitoring, and blood oxygen measurement.

90 different sport modes, IP68 water resistance, and an impressive 12-day battery life complete this affordable fitness watch that punches above its weight.

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10. Amazfit Neo

At an ultralow cost of around $32/£25, the retro Amazfit Neo still provides effective step counting, sleep tracking, and sports monitoring.

It resembles a classic digital wristwatch but with the key advantages of a fitness tracker.

With a 2-week battery life and water resistance up to 50 meters, the Amazfit Neo satisfies basic fitness tracking needs at an unbeatable price.

Factors to Consider in an Affordable Fitness Smartwatch

Here are the key factors to evaluate when selecting a budget fitness tracker:

  • Accuracy – The step counting and health sensors should provide precise measured results.
  • Sports modes – Having enough workout modes for your preferred physical activities.
  • Heart health – Continuous heart rate monitoring and rhythm analysis capabilities.
  • **Sleep tracking ** – Auto-tracking of sleep duration and quality metrics.
  • Battery life – Lasting 7-14 days between charges for uninterrupted tracking.
  • Waterproofing – ATM water resistance to track swimming and withstand daily exposure.
  • Display – Ample screen size and brightness for measuring health stats and workout metrics.
  • Data insights – Companion app that summarizes tracking data into easy-to-understand health insights.

Helpful Features to Look For

Beyond core health sensors, the best inexpensive fitness smartwatches offer:

  • GPS – Track pace, route, distance for outdoor activities without a phone.
  • Pulse oximeter – Estimate blood oxygen levels to monitor overall respiration health.
  • Women’s health tracking – Cycle and pregnancy tracking relevant for female users.
  • Smart notifications – View notifications from your phone for added convenience.
  • Music controls – Change music tracks playing on your phone from your wrist.
  • Sleep monitoring – Track sleep stages like deep, REM, light sleep, and sleepy trends over time.
  • Stress tracking – Estimate stress levels using heart rate variability measurements.

Using Cheap Trackers to Get Fit

Affordable fitness smartwatches make it easy to improve your health and fitness:

  • Set step goals to increase daily movement for better health steadily.
  • Track walks runs, and rides using GPS to progress and beat PRs.
  • Monitor heart rate during workouts to stay in fat burn and cardio zones.
  • Chart sleep quality over weeks and months to improve sleep consistency.
  • View blood oxygen levels to gauge respiratory health.
  • Analyze health data in the companion app to identify patterns and opportunities to optimize health.
  • Share stats with friends for mutual motivation and competition during fitness challenges.

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To Sum Up

Advanced fitness smartwatches may offer more robust capabilities, but affordable options like Xiaomi and Amazfit bands provide all the essential tracking busy people need.

For less than $50/£50, you can monitor daily activity, sports performance, heart health, sleep quality, stress levels, and more. The key is identifying the must-have features that align with your health and fitness goals.

With a budget-friendly wearable, you can pursue better health with helpful metrics on your wrist. Just charge it and wear it daily to reap the wellness benefits.


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