7 Best Blenders to Buy in Kenya in 2023/2024

If you are shopping in Kenya and looking for the best blenders to buy, there are several brands that offer great quality products to choose from.

Whether preparing smoothies, milkshakes, or purees, a heavy-duty blender makes the process easy and quick.

With more international and local brands available in Kenya, selecting the right blender for your needs can be tricky.

You’ll want a model that blends efficiently and fits within your budget. This comprehensive guide covers the top 7 blenders dominating the Kenyan market right now.

We’ll look at product features, pricing, and where to buy the best blender in Kenya this year.

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Overview of the Blender Market in Kenya

7 Best Blenders to Buy in Kenya in 2023/2024

The blender market in Kenya offers options across price points from brands like Philips, Kenwood, Nutribullet, Samsung, Nasco, Binatone, and Kent.

Prices range from as low as 5,000 KES for basic models to over 50,000 KES for high-end blenders.

Kenyans typically prefer compact blenders with durable containers that can handle ice, frozen fruits, tough greens, and dry foods. Higher torque motor bases usually sell better than lower-powered options.

Leading retailers like Hotpoint Appliances, Citywalk, Kilimall, Jumia, and Masstores stock a wide range of blenders. Online shopping portals have also made blender purchases easier for Kenyan consumers.

Now let’s look at the key features, specs, and prices of the top 7 best-selling blender brands in the Kenyan market currently.

7 Best Blenders to Buy in Kenya in 2023

The following are the seven best blender brands to buy in Kenya:

1. Philips Blenders

Philips offers some of the best-performing and top-rated blenders available in Kenya. Their innovative products utilize blade technology that creates optimal vortex circulation for faster and finer blending.

  • Philips Daily Collection Blender: This basic 800W model with 1.5L jar blends smoothly at an affordable price of around 7,000 KES.
  • Philips Viva Collection Blender: More power at 1000W with larger 2L jar and pre-programmed settings costs approximately 10,000 KES.
  • Philips Avance Collection Blender: The most advanced with 1400W motor, 2.2L jar, 5 pre-sets and smoothie function costs roughly 20,000 KES.

Philips blenders are worth the price for performance and durability. The two-year guarantee also provides peace of mind.

2. Kenwood Blenders

Known for quality kitchen appliances, Kenwood offers a wide blender range that suits different budgets.

  • Kenwood SB056 Blender: This compact 800W plastic model with 1.6L jug is perfect for basic uses and costs about 5,000 KES.
  • Kenwood Blend-X Pro Blender: More heavy-duty with 1.6L glass jar, 1200W motor and 3 pre-sets for nearly 15,000 KES.
  • Kenwood Chef and Major Kitchen Machines: The ultimate all-in-one stand blender, grinder and food processor but expensive at 30,000 to 60,000 KES.

For reliability, the Kenwood brand is a trusted choice although pricier models can get costly.

3. Nutribullet Blenders

Nutribullet specializes in personal and compact blenders ideal for health drinks and smoothies. Their bullet-style bottles with strong extraction blades deliver nutrient-dense results.

  • Nutribullet 600 Series: Small 600W motor base but can crush ice and seeds efficiently. Costs around 8,000 KES.
  • Nutribullet Pro 900 Series: More powerful 900W motor pulverizes tougher ingredients. Around 12,000 KES.
  • Nutribullet Rx Blender: Top-spec 1700W motor with hands-free operation and heating function costs roughly 25,000 KES.

Nutribullet is perfect for frequent individual servings and health-focused drinkers. The interchangeable bottles add convenience.

4. Samsung Blenders

Samsung offers innovative blender models equipped with smart features and app connectivity.

  • Samsung BL45T Inverter Blender: An entry-level 800W inverter motor blender for about 8,000 KES.
  • Samsung LB641W Smart Blender: Bluetooth connection to smartphone app with auto programs costs approximately 15,000 KES.
  • Samsung LB873GSS Blender: High-end blender with touch controls and integrated scale for precise recipes costs roughly 45,000 KES.

While pricier, Samsung blenders integrate well with other smart kitchen appliances. The quiet yet powerful motors impress too.

5. Nasco Blenders

As a reputable Kenyan brand, Nasco blenders are reliable choices with wallet-friendly price tags.

  • Nasco Value Blender: Basic 600W blender ideal for light mixing priced at 5,000 KES.
  • Nasco Classic Blender: Standard 800W motor with 1.5L glass jar for around 7,000 KES.
  • Nasco Pro-X Blender: More advanced 1000W model with pre-programmed settings for 15,000 KES.

Nasco blenders deliver satisfactory performance for day-to-day blending. The local customer support also offers peace of mind.

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6. Binatone Blenders

For affordable functionality, Binatone blenders fit the bill with a range under 10,000 KES.

  • Binatone BL-100 Blender: Entry-level 500W plastic blender for light jobs priced at 3,000 KES.
  • Binatone BL-150 Blender: Improved 800W motor with 1.5L glass jar costs approximately 5,000 KES.
  • Binatone BL-200 Blender: Higher-spec 1000W model with extra 1.2L chopper for roughly 8,000 KES.

Binatone won’t match top brands but offers decent performance on a tight budget. Parts and repairs are easily available.

7. Kent Blenders

Known for juicers and water purifiers, Kent also offers capable blender options like:

  • Kent 16087 Insta Blender: 500W blender ideal for small batches priced at 4,000 KES.
  • Kent 16086 Icon Blender: Heavy-duty 750W motor with safety lock lid costs about 6,500 KES.
  • Kent 16294 Supreme Blender: Feature-rich 1300W blender with pre-sets for 18,000 KES.

Kent blenders deliver functionality at reasonable price points. The after-sales service support is also prompt.

Key Blender Features to Consider

Here are the vital factors to evaluate when selecting a blender in Kenya:

  • Motor Power: Dictates performance. Look for at least 600W to 1000W for versatility. Higher is better for commercial use.
  • Blades: Sharp and sturdy stainless steel blades that create a strong vortex blend better. Some brands tout special blade innovations.
  • Speed Settings: Pre-programmed settings for common functions add convenience. Variable speed gives more control.
  • Jar Size and Material: Larger BPA-free jugs with measurement markings and easy pour spouts are ideal. Glass or Tritan plastic lasts longer.
  • Safety Features: Lid locks prevent spillage. Non-slip bases provide stability. Overload protection enhances safety.
  • Extra Features: Pre-sets, smart app connectivity, touch controls, in-built scale, and heating functions add value.

Consider your usage, budget, and any other needs before picking the best blender in Kenya.

Where to Buy Blenders in Kenya

Some notable retailers to shop for blenders in Kenya include:

  • Hotpoint Appliances: A wide range of leading brands available. outlets across Kenya and online delivery.
  • Citywalk Kenya: Large electronics store stocking mainstream blender models. Also accessible online.
  • Kilimall: Marketplace with blended brands at discounted prices.
  • Jumia Kenya: Massive selection with blender offers and deals.
  • Masstores: Reputable retail chain with competitive blender prices.

Compare prices across local and online stores. Factor in after-sales support when deciding where to purchase.

Tips for Getting the Best Blender Deals

Follow these tips to enjoy the lowest blender prices in Kenya:

  • Look out for discounts, bundle offers and vouchers from retailers during shopping festivals like Black Friday.
  • Opt for blender models that come with additional jars or chopper attachments for more value.
  • Consider purchasing refurbished or second-hand commercial blenders to save costs.
  • Shop online for a wider selection and better prices. Look for free shipping and cash on delivery.
  • Apply for retailer loyalty points and credit cards with blender purchase rewards.

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To Sum Up

With this guide, you can find the best blenders to buy that will suit your requirements and budget in Kenya.

However, stick to reputable brands like Philips and Kenwood for performance, or Nasco and Binatone for affordability.

Be sure to compare specifications, prices and warranty terms before picking the ideal blender model for your countertop.

Investing in a good blender that performs well for years will make food preparation much simpler.


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