10 Best Apps Like Clubhouse You Should Try

Best Apps Like Clubhouse: Ever since Clubhouse took the world by storm in 2020, the live audio chat format has proven to be incredibly engaging and social.

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However, Clubhouse isn’t accessible to all due to its invitation-only policy. Thankfully, many alternative apps have been launched that provide similar interactive audio experiences on both Android and iOS. 

If you’ve always wanted to try Clubhouse but couldn’t get in, or are simply looking to explore more options, these top 10 Clubhouse-style apps will give you plenty to choose from for lively conversations on a variety of topics.

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What Makes Clubhouse So Popular?

Apps Like Clubhouse You Should Try

Clubhouse brought people together in a uniquely novel way during the pandemic lockdowns.

Its live drop-in audio format allowed anyone to discover interesting discussions happening in different “rooms” and participate through speaking or just listening. Topics ranged from tech to wellness to pop culture and more. 

Notable guests like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Oprah appeared on Clubhouse, generating lots of buzz.

This made it a must-have social platform where you never knew who or what you might stumble upon. The lack of videos also meant less pressure than live streams. 

However, being Apple exclusive and needing an invite limited Clubhouse’s reach. Thankfully, many larger platforms have now launched competent alternatives, providing 24/7 Clubhouse-style audio conversations for both Android and iPhone users worldwide.

10 Best Apps Like Clubhouse

Here are the ten best apps like Clubhouse:

1. Twitter Spaces

As the name suggests, Twitter Spaces allows you to create and join live audio conversations right from the Twitter app. It’s integrated seamlessly within the Twitter experience.

Popular because of Twitter’s massive user base of over 300 million daily users worldwide. This means it’s very easy to promote and find engaged listeners for your Space.

Users can also listen anonymously without an account. Both creators and listeners have their profiles visible. Android and iOS are supported.

2. Spotify Greenroom 

Formerly called Locker Room, Spotify Greenroom focuses exclusively on live discussions about music, musicians, podcasts, entertainment, and pop culture topics.

It utilizes Spotify’s extensive music catalog to help find common interests between hosts and listeners. You can follow your favorite speakers to discover new rooms. Support for Android and iOS.

3. Discord

While primarily known as a gaming chat platform, Discord has expanded into public servers organized by diverse topics like sports, technology, art, etc.

These include persistent voice channels that function like a Clubhouse-style drop-in experience. It has a massive scale already with over 150 million monthly active users. Available on desktop, web, Android, and iOS. 

4. Telegram Voice Chats 2.0

Telegram recently upgraded group calls to allow unlimited participant voice chats. This enables very large public groups to facilitate Clubhouse-style live audio conversations.

Leverages their existing user base of over 500 million users and cross-platform support for an engaged audience. 

5. Leher

Focused exclusively within India, Leher caters to live audio rooms in various Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.

Popular categories include learning, entrepreneurship, spirituality, and more regionally relevant topics.

Android and iOS compatible. It aims to foster interactive conversations among Indian language-speaking communities.

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6. Riffr 

Pitches itself as a platform for “planning”, where users can collaborate and brainstorm ideas through audio.

Emphasis is on sparking creativity and productivity. Collections of people called “Tribes” centered around themes like art, business, health, etc.

Smaller more curated community compared to others on this list. Currently iOS-only. 

7. Spoon 

As the name suggests, Spoon focuses exclusively on wellness topics. Popular categories include relationships & dating, mental health, spirituality, self-care, and more. It aims to provide a safe nurturing environment for vulnerable discussions.

The community is still building but showing promise within the wellness space. Android and iOS compatible.

8. Fishbowl 

Anonymity is the core feature as it facilitates candid professional conversations among work colleagues and industries.

Common rooms center around careers, productivity tips, workplace culture, leadership, and more.

Integrates with the communication platform Slack. Compatible with Android and iOS devices.

9. Cappuccino  

Exclusively audio-visual based, Cappuccino emphasizes visually connecting participants through live video calls in addition to voice.

Popular within the MENA region focusing on Arabic-speaking communities. Encourages building international communities through conversations. Currently iOS-only.

10. StageChannel

Originally created as a companion to YouTube, StageChannel allows hosting live audio conversations focused around topic & community channels on YouTube.

Leverages YouTube’s search and subscriptions to help discovery. Integrated platform approach. Includes live Q&A, polls, and chat functionality alongside audio. iOS availability for now.

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To Sum Up

With these 10 leading alternatives accessible across Android and iOS, the world of live audio conversations is wide open.

Try them out to find the platform and community best suited for your interests whether it’s music, wellness, tech, or just casual conversations with people worldwide.


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