10 Best Apps for Focusing on Your Work (Free and Paid)

Staying focused at work can be a challenge, especially with so many distractions around us like social media, emails, and notifications. That’s where the best apps for focusing on your work come into play.

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Whether you’re looking for free solutions or are willing to invest in premium features, these apps are designed to help you stay on track and maximize your productivity.

Let’s explore some of the best apps for focusing on your work available.

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10 Best Apps for Focusing on Your Work (Free and Paid)

Apps for Focusing on Your Work

Here are 10 of the best apps to help you focus on your work, both free and paid options:

1. Forest (Free)

Forest is a unique productivity app that helps you focus by letting you grow virtual trees. Here’s how it works – you set a time limit for how long you want to focus, say 30 minutes.

The app will then start a countdown timer and during that time, you cannot use your phone or the tree will die.

This creates mini rewards and incentives for you to stay focused. The more you focus, the more coins you earn to plant real trees.

The app is free but also has a paid pro version with more features like stats, themes, and offline access. Forest is available for iOS, Android, Chrome, Windows, Mac, and Apple Watch.

2. Freedom (Paid)

Freedom is an app that completely blocks distracting websites and apps for set periods of time so you can focus.

You can customize a list of distracting sites and apps you want to block. Once the timer starts, you will not be able to access any of those – perfect for avoiding procrastination.

Freedom is available on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Chrome. The free version only allows you to block sites and apps for up to 5 minutes. For unlimited use, Plans start at $2.99 per month.

3. Focus To-Do (Free)

Focus To-Do is designed specifically with productivity in mind. It uses the Pomodoro technique to help you focus for 25-minute periods, separated by 5-minute breaks. You can add tasks, set timers, and track your productivity over time.

The app is completely free for iOS and Android. The simple interface makes it easy to use without any distractions. If you like working in focused sprints, Focus To-Do is a great choice.

4. Todoist (Free and Paid)

Todoist is one of the most popular productivity apps for managing tasks and projects. The basic app is free on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and browsers.

With Todoist, you can capture tasks, set due dates and reminders, organize projects, add comments, and collaborate with others.

The premium version removes ads, and gives you more features like goals, productivity trends, labels, filters, and custom rules. Pricing starts at $3 per month billed annually.

Todoist has great natural language processing so you can quickly add tasks. The clean interface also helps you focus on your tasks.

5. Momentum Dash (Free)

Momentum Dash is a Chrome and Firefox extension that replaces new tabs with a personal dashboard featuring to-do lists, calendars, weather updates, daily quotes, and more, all designed to keep you focused.

You can add daily goals and to-dos which will appear front and center when you open a new tab to remind you of what to focus on. All the widgets are customizable so you only see what you need.

Momentum Dash is free to use and works great if you tend to get distracted when opening too many browser tabs.

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6. Focus@Will (Paid)

Focus@Will is a web and mobile app that plays custom music designed to boost concentration based on neuroscience research.

It’s an excellent option for auditory learners or those who enjoy listening to music while working.

You take a test to determine your focus trait and preferences. Based on that, Focus@Will generates music with the right tempo, volume, and instrumental sounds to engage your brain to keep you in flow.

A free trial is available. After that, plans start at $7.99 per month. Focus@Will works on desktops, iOS, Android, Alexa, and Sonos.

7. Noisli (Free and Paid)

Noisli is designed to block out distracting sounds and help you focus through masking noises.

Users can mix and match sounds like rain, wind, coffee shop chatter, campfires, waterfalls, and more to create environmental soundscapes ideal for masking distractions.

You can adjust volumes, add multiple sounds, and save your favorite mixes. Noisli is available to use for free on their website.

Mobile apps are available for iOS and Android at $1.99 which allows you to use them even without internet access.

8. SelfControl (Free for Mac)

SelfControl is a free open-source app for Mac that helps you avoid distracting websites by blocking access to them temporarily.

Just make a customized list of sites to block and a duration to block them for. Until that time passes, you will not be able to access those sites even if you restart your computer or delete the app.

The internet blocking is irrevocable during the scheduled time so you have no choice but to focus on your work without distractions.

Once installed, SelfControl runs in the background until the timer expires.

9. Cold Turkey (Paid)

Cold Turkey offers more advanced website and app blocking for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

You can block access completely for a predetermined amount of time or schedule it for certain times of day.

Trying to bypass the blocking triggers additional time added to the timer.

Cold Turkey can also block your entire internet access for set periods or schedule offline times. Pricing starts at $29 per year for desktop use or $4.99 monthly for mobile.

If you tend to procrastinate online, Cold Turkey provides the strict blocking required to keep you focused.

10. Flipd (Free for Students and Paid)

Flipd is an anti-distraction app popular among students that temporarily blocks phones and apps by running lockout timers.

To deactivate Flipd, you need to solve math problems and memory quizzes which helps deter going back to your distractions.

Flipd is free for students. Paid organizational plans start at $7.99 per month. Available for iOS and Android devices as well as Chrome browser.

Your organization may already have Flipd licenses that employees can use free of charge so check internally if available.

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To Sum Up

The next time you need to focus and minimize digital distractions, try using one of these handy work focusing apps to help boost your productivity levels.

With consistent use, you’ll be able to better focus on your work and avoid procrastination caused by emails, social media, and the internet.


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