10 Best Affordable Noise-Cancelling Headphones in the UK

Looking for the best affordable noise-cancelling headphones in the UK? We’ve got you covered.

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Noise-cancelling headphones use advanced technology to block out ambient sound for distortion-free audio.

While extremely effective, premium options carry high price tags. However, more affordable noise-cancelling headphones are hitting the UK market.

These affordable options provide the key benefit of tuning out environmental noise to enjoy music, movies, calls, and more, free of distractions.

Just because a headphone is inexpensive doesn’t mean it can’t offer impressive noise reduction capabilities.

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10 Best Affordable Noise-Cancelling Headphones in the UK

10 Best Affordable Noise-Cancelling Headphones in the UK

Here are the top 10 best affordable noise-cancelling headphones available in the UK:

1. Anker Soundcore Life Q30

With hybrid active and passive noise cancellation, the Soundcore Life Q30 effectively blocks noises up to 90% while keeping costs around £60.

Customizable ANC lets you adapt the intensity, while the 40-hour battery outlasts travel and commutes. Strong sound quality and comfort make the Q30 a budget winner.

2. Sony WH-CH510

Sony’s affordable WH-CH510 over-ear headphones provide the brand’s renowned noise cancellation technologies for under £60.

Dual microphones allow adjusting levels of background sound reduction as needed. A 35-hour battery ensures ANC remains active. For basic Sony noise cancellation on a budget, the WH-CH510 delivers.

3. Philips PH805

Philips’ capable PH805 headphones offer premium comfort and ANC performance for around £70.

Active noise cancellation up to 95% paired with memory foam ear cups allows you to immerse in audio.

30 hours of battery life keeps the music going on long journeys. The PH805 punches above its affordable cost.

4. Lindy BNX-60

Costing around £80, Lindy’s BNX-60 noise-cancelling headphones surprisingly deliver effective ANC that minimizes ambient sounds with four built-in microphones.

Excellent battery life of up to 100 hours enables persistent noise cancellation. If seeking budget over-ear ANC headphones, the BNX-60 is ideal.

5. Avantree ANC032

The Avantree ANC032 in-ear headphones achieve solid active noise cancellation and listening time up to 40 hours for under £50.

Pair with the Bluetooth transmitter for wireless listening free of noise distractions. The ANC032 makes truly wireless noise cancellation affordable.

6. 1MORE Evo

1MORE’s Evo in-ear headphones offer quality hybrid active and passive noise cancellation for around £60. Wireless listening lasts up to 28 hours with ANC on.

An ambient listening mode allows filtering in sounds when desired. With LDAC Hi-Res audio support, the Evo provides great versatility.

7. House of Marley Exodus

With natural materials and eco-conscious design, House of Marley’s Exodus over-ear ANC headphones allow wireless noise cancellation for under £150.

The sustainably crafted wood earcups host 50mm drivers for precise sound. A 50-hour battery powers the headphones for longer listening sessions.

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8. Cleer Roam NC

Cleer’s stylish Roam NC headphones deliver premium noise cancellation in a lightweight frame under £100.

Wireless listening lasts up to 20 hours with ANC activated. Pressing the Monitoring Mode button lets in ambient sound for staying aware on the go. The Roam NC offers fantastic value and performance.

9. Philips PH805

Philips’ capable PH805 headphones offer premium comfort and ANC performance for around £70.

Active noise cancellation up to 95% paired with memory foam ear cups allows you to immerse in audio.

30 hours of battery life keeps the music going on long journeys. The PH805 punches above its affordable cost.

10. SoundMAGIC E11BT

The SoundMAGIC E11BT provides over 35 hours of battery life with active noise cancellation under £100. Bluetooth 5.0 enables low-latency wireless audio.

The collapsible design and protective case make carrying effortless. For budget noise-cancelling headphones on the go, the E11BT delivers.

What to Look for in Affordable ANC Headphones

Active noise cancellation is effective if headphones include the following:

  • Hybrid ANC – Combines feedforward and feedback mics for suppressing more sound waves.
  • Multistage ANC – Multiple settings like low, medium, and high allow adapting ANC intensity.
  • Good battery life – 30+ hours of listening runtime with ANC enabled is ideal.
  • Comfort – Padded ear cups and adjustable headbands prevent discomfort over long ANC wear.
  • Audio passthrough – This lets you pipe in ambient sound when desired for awareness.
  • Companion app – Provides firmware updates and setting adjustments to improve ANC performance.
  • Sound quality – Even budget options should still offer good clarity and range.

Benefits of Affordable Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Cheaper noise-cancelling headphones offer big advantages:

  • Enjoy key functionality – Get the core ANC benefits without huge costs.
  • On a budget – Spend less upfront. Great if testing out ANC for the first time.
  • Get basics – Entry-level models include essential settings and features.
  • Upgrade low-end gear – Better sound and ANC performance than non-ANC budget headphones.
  • Travel companions – Compact on-ear designs perfect for packing in bags and suitcases.
  • Noise reduction – Still effective at removing ambient noises, just less adjustment possible.
  • Respond to surroundings – Let in external sound when safety matters.
  • Wireless freedom – Use Bluetooth for wire-free listening.

Making the Most of Affordable ANC Headphones

While affordable ANC models provide core noise cancellation, you can maximize their capabilities:

  • Find a comfortable tight fit to passively block sound before turning on ANC.
  • Enable the strongest ANC mode for extremely loud environments like planes or trains.
  • Turn ANC off when not needed to conserve battery life. Use for calls and music.
  • Adjust headphone EQ to boost bass frequencies most impacted by noise if supported.
  • Use a companion app to check for firmware updates that can fine-tune ANC performance.
  • Carry a backup battery pack for longer ANC performance during extended travel.
  • Take care not to damage integrated ANC microphone components accidentally.

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To Sum Up

Thanks to impressive technology improvements, noise cancellation no longer requires expensive investment.

Quality headphones from respected audio brands like Sony, Philips, and Anker offer great ANC under £150.

While premium flagship models provide more adjustment, affordable options filter out disruptive ambient noises for focused listening.

Budget ANC headphones deliver if you are seeking distraction-free audio immersion on trains, planes, offices, or outdoors.

Drown out the world around you without draining your wallet.


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