10 Best AdSense Alternatives to Monetize Your Blog

Google AdSense is the most popular advertising network used by bloggers, but there are scenarios where you may want alternatives, like higher paying options or being less restrictive.

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Placing ads on your blog is the easiest way to earn money online. Google’s AdSense program simplifies this by providing ads you can add to your pages.

Advertisers pay Google when visitors click or view these ads. Google shares this revenue with you.

But AdSense has some downsides. The ads may seem out of place on your blog. Approval can be hard for small blogs. Most importantly, the CPC rates seem low compared to other ad networks.

Understanding how each ad network compares to these factors will allow you to choose the best ones for monetizing your blog through ads.

This article is about the top 10 best alternatives to Google AdSense for monetizing blogs.

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10 Best AdSense Alternatives to Monetize Your Blog

Alternatives to Monetize Your Blog

Here are the best alternatives to Google AdSense that could potentially earn you higher rates:

1. Ezoic

Ezoic is a premium ad network using AI to optimize ad placement and earnings.

  • Revenue rates – Generates over 100% more earnings compared to AdSense
  • Approval criteria – Approves blogs with a minimum of 10,000 visits/month
  • Ad formats – All standard IAB formats. Auto-optimized for each page
  • Reporting – Very detailed analytics on revenue, clicks, placements, etc.
  • Requirements – 10,000 monthly visits minimum

This ad network uses advanced technology to pick the best ads and placements. But has high traffic requirements.

2. Media.net

Media.net is a Google AdSense alternative from Yahoo offering high rates.

  • Revenue rates – Up to 3x higher earnings compared to AdSense
  • Approval criteria – Easy approval for most blogs
  • Ad formats – Mobile, display, native, video ad units
  • Reporting – The interface shows impressions and earnings
  • Requirements – Must have original content

It also offers much higher earnings for publishers while being easy to get approved.

3. Monumetric

Monumetric focuses on high-impact native advertising optimized for revenues.

  • Revenue rates – Average CPMs 2-4X higher than other native networks
  • Approval criteria – All sites can join and easy to get approved
  • Ad formats – In-feed native ads
  • Reporting – Impressions, clicks, and revenue reporting
  • Requirements – Must be able to accept native ad code

This platform generates higher earnings with native ads. But limited ad formats.

4. Revcontent

Revcontent specializes in content recommendations and native advertisements.

  • Revenue rates – Up to 4X earnings compared to traditional display ads
  • Approval criteria – Easy approval process for all blogs
  • Ad formats – Content recommendations, in-article native ads
  • Reporting – Metrics for impressions, engagement, clicks
  • Requirements – Original content is a must. 4,000+ page views/month

This platform offers simpler installation for bloggers coupled with high earnings from native ads.

5. BuySellAds

BuySellAds connects publishers directly with advertisers looking for placements.

  • Revenue rates – CPM rates open to negotiation directly with advertisers
  • Approval criteria – Must have 1,000+ active daily visitors
  • Ad formats – Almost all including display, video, native
  • Reporting – Very limited compared to other networks
  • Requirements – Minimum 1,000 daily visitors

It requires more effort but opens up direct advertiser deals for high rates.

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6. PopAds

PopAds is an alternative ad network promising higher rates than AdSense.

  • Revenue rates – Claims to pay up to 5X more than other networks
  • Approval criteria – Easy approval but may take a few days
  • Ad formats – Display, native, pop-unders, sliders, video ads
  • Reporting – Limited but shows impressions and earnings
  • Requirements – None beyond having a blog

It boasts much higher rates. But as a limited reporting interface.

7. SkimLinks

SkimLinks monetizes existing product links through affiliate commissions.

  • Revenue rates – Average 4-12% commission on product sales
  • Approval criteria – Instant signup and approval process
  • Ad formats – Contextual text links converting product mentions
  • Reporting – Impressions, clicks, commission tracking
  • Requirements – Active blog with product mentions

It won’t display ads but helps earn from relevant product links you already have.

8. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates places links to recommended products sold on Amazon.

  • Revenue rates – Up to 12% commission on Amazon purchases
  • Approval criteria – Easy enrollment but approval can take time
  • Ad formats – Product images, text links, native shopping ads
  • Reporting – Sales volume, traffic, and earnings data
  • Requirements – Original content. Amazon account.

It Associates helps monetize product mentions through commissions. But suitability varies.

9. Infolinks

Infolinks places targeted text links by analyzing page content.

  • Revenue rates – Up to 4X higher payouts compared to AdSense
  • Approval criteria – Easy signup without approval wait times
  • Ad formats – Contextual text links blended into page content
  • Reporting – Shows impressions, clicks and earnings
  • Requirements – None. Instant approval.

It offers easy integration at high payout rates compared to AdSense.

10. Chitika

Chitika serves contextual ads using real-time bidding auctions to maximize earnings.

  • Revenue rates – Claims to generate 100%+ more revenue than AdSense
  • Approval criteria – Instant approval process
  • Ad formats – Textual contextual ads
  • Reporting – Shows impressions and estimated earnings
  • Requirements – Original content. No traffic thresholds.

This platform uses advanced targeting for high rates without stringent requirements.

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To Sum Up

This covers a diverse selection of top-rated AdSense alternatives across aspects like average earnings, approval difficulty, formats, and reporting.

Ezoic, Media.net, Monumetric, and Revcontent lead for high rates from regular display and native ads.

Affiliate programs like SkimLinks and Amazon Associates work differently but can generate commissions and product mentions.

Ad networks like PopAds, Infolinks, and Chitika are easy to add for potentially higher revenues.

Evaluate options based on rates, formats, and your blog niche to determine the best alternatives to AdSense.


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