Airtel YouTube Night Plan: How to Activate and Check Balance

Airtel is a leading telecommunications company with a superb Night Plan that allows users to enjoy their favorite YouTube content at discounted rates during the late hours.

Purchasing a data plan using the standard *141# code is not the issue. The expense in comparison to the YouTube Pack on Airtel NG is very obvious.

This guide will walk you through activating this plan and checking your balance to ensure you make the most of your data and entertainment needs.

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Airtel YouTube Night Bundle

Airtel YouTube Night Plan How to Activate and Check Balance

With never-ending data perks, Airtel never fails to delight customers. This time, a new data plan that may be utilized both during the day and at night was released.

Without further ado, you should notice that your data bundle is specifically made for YouTube and goes by the name YouTube Video Pack.

The Airtel YouTube Night Plan offers you economical access to unlimited videos.

The Airtel streaming package is now separated into three (3) categories, including;

  • YouTube Plus Packs, the default package, is only available overnight (between 1 AM and 5 AM).
  • The YouTube Weekly & Monthly Packs are available all night and throughout the data.
  • Night Packs on YouTube (From 1 AM to 5 AM).

YouTube Night Plan Code for Airtel

To purchase from the list of Airtel YouTube plans, dial *323#. Following this action, you will receive a confirmation message. Yes, make sure your account balance is appropriate.

Compared to other methods like SMS, the Airtel Mobile App, etc., the USSD code technique to subscribe is commonly recognized by most people.

You only need the proper membership code for the Airtel YouTube night data package to function.

Nighttime Airtel YouTube Plus Packs

This is the first internet package on the list and the basic package. Airtel refers to it as “YouTube Plus.”

Yes, the PLUS pack’s goal is to provide you with the most affordable data plans so you can enjoy comedy shows, movies, and other online content.

These plans may only be utilized now from 1 AM to 5 AM every night till they expire throughout the night.

Each Airtel YouTube PLUS package lasts only one month (30 days). Your phone’s data plan may always be renewed.

For N1000, YouTube Plus 1.0 – 4.5gb

You must recharge your phone at least N1000, call *323*31# on your phone, and then finish the process to purchase this plan. You will then receive 4.5GB of total data capacity.

There are two groups of the data. The usual data plan is 1.5GB. However, 3GB is required for watching YouTube videos all night for 30 days only.

For N2000: YouTube Plus 2.0 – 9.5gb

The version 2.0 Airtel YouTube night plan requires a minimum N2000 airtime balance before you can purchase it.

Call *323*32# on your phone to get started and follow the on-screen instructions. You will then receive 9.5GB of total data capacity.

There are two groups of the data. For instance, the basic data plan is 3.5GB, whereas 6GB is required for watching YouTube videos all night has a 30-day duration.

15GB of YouTube Plus 2.5 for N2500

You must load at least N2,500 worth of airtime, call *323*33# on your phone, and finish the process to acquire this plan. Once your request has been approved, you will receive a total data volume of 15GB.

There are two groups of the data. For instance, the regular data plan is 5GB, and an additional 10GB may be used to stream YouTube videos indefinitely for 30 days only.

17GB of YouTube Plus 3.5 for N3500

To purchase this plan, your account must have a sufficient balance. Yes, validate your purchase by recharging at least N3,500, opening your phone’s dialer, and dialing *323*34#. You will then receive a total data amount of 17GB.

There are two categories of data (2). For example, the normal data plan is 7GB, but the Airtel YouTube night package, which offers almost limitless video access, is 10 GB. The duration is 30 days.

19GB of YouTube Plus 4 for N4000

You must recharge your phone with a minimum of N4000 in airtime before activating the Airtel YouTube Night Plus 4.0.

Then, dial *323*35# on your phone and follow the prompts. After that, you’ll receive a total data amount of 19GB.

This internet package is split into two parts. In other words, the basic data plan is 9GB, while the nightly YouTube video package is 10GB for 30 days only.

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Weekly & Monthly Airtel YouTube Plan

The “YWM Plan,” the second installment of Airtel’s YouTube Night Plans, is presented here. The YouTube Weekly and Monthly Pack is the name of this one.

This deal was made to satisfy your craving for pricey data packages. Yes, using a lower data plan to view YouTube videos can help you save money.

Airtel’s weekly and monthly YouTube plans now differ from the others. It allows you to browse continuously both during the day and at night.

As was previously said, one is good for 7 days, while the other is only good for 30. On this Airtel YouTube night plan, renewal is also permitted.

Validity of the Data Plan Price Activation Code

For Airtel Weekly YouTube – 300MB For N300. Recharge your Airtel line for 300 Naira to activate this plan, then transmit the code “*323*12#” using your phone’s dialer app.

You’ll receive 300MB to view YouTube videos without limits, good for 7 days.

For YouTube Monthly – 600MB For N400 On Airtel. To sign up for this plan, recharge your Airtel line with 600 Naira before calling “*323*11#” on your phone’s dialer app. Watch for the transaction to be processed and confirmed.

The 600MB of data allotted to you for continuous YouTube video viewing expires after 30 days.

300MB of YouTube each week for N150.cTo be qualified for this plan, your recharge must be at least N150. Before dialing *323*22#, you can check your account’s balance.

You will then be given 300MB to watch unpopular videos all night (1 AM – 5 AM). The data is only valid for seven days.

Monthly 600MB of YouTube Night for N200. You must recharge your phone at least N200, call *323*21# on your phone, and finish the process to activate this plan. For limitless video streaming from midnight until five in the morning, you’ll get 600MB.

How to Check the Night Data Balance on YouTube

Although a tempting offer like the Airtel YouTube Pack can’t be passed up, you must monitor how quickly your data is used.

Enter *410# into your phone’s dialer app to check your Airtel YouTube data amount. To get the complete details of your data balance, dial *140#.

How to Use Airtel YouTube Night Data

While many people find the Airtel YouTube Pack an affordable and suitable solution for their streaming needs, others continue to ask for advice on converting YouTube night data to regular data.

To do this, you must join the Airtel YouTube plan to receive weekly and monthly data. You may purchase 300MB for 300 Naira only (valid for 7 days) by dialing *323*12# or 600MB for 400 Naira only (valid for 14 days) by dialing *323*11#.

You may always obtain a new one if your Airtel YouTube Night Bonus has run out by choosing from the list of Airtel Data Plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Time Does Airtel’s YouTube Night Start?

The YouTube nighttime schedule runs from 1 AM to 5 AM. The weekly and monthly bundle, however, is available 24/7.

How Can I Turn On Airtel YouTube Night?

Depending on the plan you’re requesting. Simply choose a plan by dialing *323#.

What Is the Code for the Airtel Night Plan?

To join, simply dial *312#.

Why Does My YouTube Night on My Airtel Don’t Function?

If your YouTube package isn’t working, dial *410# or *140# to check your data balance. Data packages these days quickly expire, especially with the advent of 4G LTE and 5G.

You can access YouTube videos using this Airtel YouTube Night Plan subscription code.

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To Sum Up

The Airtel YouTube Night Plan provides an excellent opportunity for Airtel subscribers to indulge in uninterrupted YouTube streaming without worrying about data expenses.

By following the activation and balance-checking steps outlined in this guide, you can harness the power of this cost-effective offering to enjoy your favorite videos during the night.

With the Airtel YouTube Night Plan, you can make your late-night streaming sessions more enjoyable and budget-friendly.


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