Top 10 Affordable Smart Home Security Systems for Small Apartments

In this article, we review 10 of the best affordable smart home security systems for apartments that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Security and safety have become a priority for everyone these days. While homes offer us comfort and privacy, they also pose security risks if not protected adequately.

This is even more important for people living in small apartments due to obvious space constraints limiting physical security systems.

Fortunately, advances in smart home technology have led to a new generation of affordable yet highly effective smart security solutions suitable even for compact apartments.

Powered by internet connectivity and AI-backed features, these systems offer reassuring monitoring and detection capabilities without taking up much space or breaking the bank.

We selected these based on criteria like price, features, compatibility, customer satisfaction, and overall reliability.

Read on to find the right fit for your home security needs without stretching your budget.

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Top 10 Affordable Smart Home Security Systems for Small Apartments

Top 10 Affordable Smart Home Security Systems for Small Apartments

The following are our recommendations for the most affordable smart home security systems for small apartments:

1. SimpliSafe Home Security System

One of the most popular DIY smart security kits suitable even for studios and 1BHK flats, SimpliSafe offers an easy setup along with professional monitoring.

The starter kit costs just $230 and includes a base station, keypad, contact sensor, and motion detector.

You can later add extra accessories like outdoor cameras, extra sensors, or key fobs based on your space. Installation is simple with pre-cut parts and adhesive strips – no tools or drilling required.

If you opt for professional monitoring at $15/month, it includes police and fire department dispatch.

The self-monitored version is also fully functional for half the price. Response time is superb with alerts within seconds. Overall a solid budget-friendly option.

2. Ring Alarm 5-Piece Kit

Made by Amazon subsidiary Ring, this kit costs $199 and is ideal for apartments under 500 sq ft. Setup takes less than 10 minutes via the Ring app.

The bundle includes a base station, keypad, contact sensor, motion detector, and range extender.

Being a part of the Amazon ecosystem, it integrates smoothly with other Ring devices like doorbells and cameras. Customizable controls allow selective enabling of sensors when away or asleep.

Pre-armed mode arms only perimeter sensors. Professional monitoring plan costs start at $10/month. User-friendly app makes it among the easiest to use.

3. Nest Secure Alarm System Starter Pack

From Google-owned Nest, this starter kit goes for $270 and includes a Nest Guard security system, 2 Nest Tags, and 1 Nest Detect motion sensor.

Smooth integration with Nest Cameras improves whole home security for apartments.

Nest Guard acts as the hub and keypad while Tags function as key fobs. The system is ready in minutes with just the Guard placed and paired.

It works with Google Assistant for voice control too. The monthly monitoring subscription is $29, but you also get personalized alerts and video authentication.

The sleek minimal design doesn’t look like a regular security system either.

4. Arlo Pro 3 Wireless Security Camera System

While not a full-fledged security system, Arlo cameras offer some basic contact monitoring through the included sensors.

The bundle includes 2 cameras and 1 adapter kit for sensors starting at $500. Cameras are fully wireless with rechargeable batteries running for months at a stretch.

The Pro 3 cameras support color night vision up to 25 feet, improved image quality, enhanced motion alerts, and integration with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT.

Contact sensors can detect doors or windows opening to notify you. Monthly Arlo Secure plans start at $3 for basic storage or $10 for advanced features like personalized notifications.

Cameras can be used independently too without subscription. Lacks broad motion and entry point monitoring, but excellent for apartment balcony or entrance monitoring.

5. Iris Smart Home Starter Set

An affordable solution from Lowe’s, this kit goes for $199 and comes with a base station, 2 Tags, 1 motion sensor, and 1 door/window sensor.

Like many others, setup is through the Iris app on iOS or Android in about 10 minutes. Base and sensors work on AA batteries lasting 6-12 months.

For professional monitoring at $20/month or self-monitoring at $10, Iris uses dual-path cellular and wifi connectivity for reliable alerts.

Live video view with add-on cameras. You can ramp up the system starting from essential door/window protection for studios or 1BHK flats.

Integrates with existing Lowe’s Smart Home products as well. A good all-rounder for the price.

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6. Wyze Cam v3 Kit

An often overlooked but powerful camera-based solution is the Wyze Cam v3 kit priced under $100. It includes 2 excellent 1080p cameras with color night vision up to 25 feet.

Cameras have 360° vision, built-in mic/speaker and work with Alexa, Google Assistant & IFTTT.

Using AI person detection, Wyze Cams send push alert notifications whenever motion is detected along with a recorded 14-second motion clip video.

A 12-second pre-roll helps capture activity before the trigger as well. MicroSD card storage avoids subscriptions.

Cams work over wifi and can see entryways, living areas small apartments quite well for basic monitoring on a budget.

7. Kangaroo Home Security Kit

A well-rated starter kit for less than $200, includes a hub, keypad, contact sensor, and motion detector.

Easy setup in 15 mins with the Kangaroo app. Hub acts as a base station while additional devices use AA batteries.

You get alerts within seconds and optional professional monitoring starts at $15/month with features like activity zones and two-way voice.

Clear notifications and useful controls allow disarming individual sensors only. Works with smart assistants too. A good upper-entry-level kit for security essentials on a budget.

8. Vivint Smart Home Basic Kit

Among the more premium options, Vivint charges $299 for their basic smart home security kit including a hub, keypad, door/window sensor, and motion detector.

Notable features include 4G cellular and wifi connections for reliable backup monitoring. Around-the-clock professional monitoring comes bundled for $29.99/month.

Vivint’s additional Smart Home accessories like doorbell camera and outdoor camera integrate in for robust protection.

Works well for upgrading security in medium-sized apartments. The mobile app is well-designed and support is responsive.

Perhaps worth it for the robust features and highest standards of security.

9. Hampton Smart Home Security Starter Pack

Available for $199, this kit bundles a touchscreen control panel, motion sensor, door/window sensor, and key fob.

The control panel doubles as a touchscreen keypad. Setup is plug-and-play in minutes.

Hampton uses LTE cellular radios and dual-path communication for reliable monitoring. Standard professional monitoring costs $14.99/month.

The basic package checks all boxes for apartments below 800 sq ft. Works with Google Assistant/Alexa for voice commands too. Fairly priced for essential smart home security needs.

10. Frontpoint Home Security Starter Kit

Last but not least in our list is this simple kit from Frontpoint starting at $249. It includes a hub, keypad, door/window sensor, and motion detector supporting easy DIY installation.

A professional monitoring subscription charges $29.99/monthly. Frontpoint integrates video cameras and other accessories as add-ons too.

The kit is straightforward for smoke-and-mirror apartments seeking bare minimum security.

Reliable1818 cellular and wifi connectivity ensures protection works as intended. Good budget choice for core functionality.

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To Sum Up

Smart home security systems offer powerful yet affordable protection for apartments, integrating sensors, cameras, assistants, and reliable monitoring into compact, easy-to-use packages.

We hope this guide helps you select the right fit based on your needs, space, and budget. Staying safe need not require a big investment when technology comes to our rescue.


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